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I offer:

  • Free resources so you can get to know me

  • One-on-one mentoring packages to provide comprehensive support in choosing AAALLLLLLLL of your potency!

  • Access Bars®️ classes + sessions

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Free Resources!

Free activate my Magic session

Free 20 minutes — What can change in 20 minutes? What can you harness? If some of your limiting beliefs got magically cleared away, what would you choose next? Schedule this free call with me to find out!

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Free Weekly Choose/create Podcast

Free in iTunes — On a mission to showcase choosers and creators.  What leads to a choice?  What does each choice create in one's life? Join me each week as I interview "regular" people not willing to live by this regular reality! (Coming soon - for now check out these 3 episode of my No-Pants Podcast!)

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Free Morning mantra mixtape 

Sign up free — What could you create if you TRUST what you know, instead of doubt yourself?

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Free Facebook Community - Choose/create

Free in Facebook — Come join a community all about choosing and creating with ease.  It's like the law of attraction but different and on steroids!

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Paid Options!

One-on-one magic + awareness Program

Contact me for custom program and pricing — Would you like to trust what you know and create with ease and joy? What if everything was all just a choice? And YOU got to choose what works for you and YOUR magic? 

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$65 for 15 minutes — Just need a quick shot of clearings and to unhinge those distractor implants?  I've got you!

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60 minute MAGIC SESSON with Me, a la carte

$225 for 60 minutes — Are you familiar with Access Consciousness tools, but maybe a bit rusty in applying them to your everyday life - to make it a beyond-extraordinary life?

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