Workshop Sample Description


In this highly interactive workshop increase your awareness of how judgment, fixed points of view, and societal norms can be a distraction from knowing your true gifts and ability to create a life that blows your mind.

What would it be like to:

  • Navigate life with ease
  • Interact with colleagues and co-workers to create a lasting impact
  • No longer be subject to toxic or grumpy people
  • Know your truth while not taking on other people’s judgments
  • Activate your potency

Who This Workshop Is For:

  • Anyone who continues to seek improvement in their life, relationships, projects, and knowledge of themselves
  • Anyone willing to be curious and ask questions
  • Anyone who has struggled with taking action on what they know they’d like to create, maybe knowing the steps, but something keeps blocking them from starting or finishing a project
  • Anyone who feels like a weirdo in this reality and thinks they are missing the manual to life

What You'll Take Away

  • A clear understanding of how to identify YOUR truth and what taking action on it can create
  • A way to disengage from other people’s judgments, expectations, and limiting beliefs so you can truly choose for you and unleash your potency
  • Knowing the difference between a judgment and an awareness
  • A bonus tool that’s kinda like using Jedi Mind Tricks…

Let’s have some fun and play with activating your potency, beyond!