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Thank you for your interest in providing a morale- and productivity-boosting offering to your co-workers. Learn specifics below and you're always welcome to contact me directly with specific questions.

Email me at hello@zarahdarling.com or hop on my calendar to schedule a call here.


Access Bars® is currently used in businesses, schools, and prisons around the world to facilitate greater health and wellbeing. The effects of Access Bars® are individual to each person and differ from session to session, however, in addition to improved physical health, recipients have reported greater intuitive awareness, more gratitude, kindness, peace and calm, and easier communication.

The first Access Bars® session was facilitated by Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness® over 25 years ago. Since then, it has expanded into 173 countries and boasts more than 5,000 trained Access Bars® facilitators worldwide. Extensive information can be found at www.accessconsciousness.com/bars

Access Bars consists of 32 points on your head, as noted in the graphic below.  By lightly touching a set of these points, the electromagnetic component of stuck points of view, attitudes, and perspectives in each area begins to dissipate.  You are left with a sense of clarity and calm, more attuned to your actual abilities and knowingness.  



In a recent study, the results of brainwave measurements before and after Access Bars® showed an increase in brain coherence in all participants, indicating a change toward a normal state after the session. Brain wave coherence is associated with communication between brain regions and researchers have found that optimal brain coherence is correlated with many things such as intelligence, learning ability, alertness, reaction time and creativity.

This gentle, non-invasive technique works on releasing both physical and mental blocks stored in the body and helps facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life. A session of Access Bars® can help with the following:

  • Greater mental clarity

  • Motivation

  • Significant increase in joy and happiness

  • Deeper relaxation

  • Insomnia

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Health and weight management

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • Migraines

  • Panic attacks

  • OCD

Research in 2015 by leading neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey Fannin et al, with 60 participants, examined the neurological effects of the Access Bars®. By measuring brain waves on people before and after a Bars session, this research revealed similar effects on brain coherence where 85% of participants indicated an increase in coherence. Additionally, he discovered that Access Bars® has a positive neurological effect on the recipient similar to those experienced by advanced meditators – and it produces these results immediately.

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Similar to offering short chair massages at the workplace, offering Access Bars® requires a small space, enough for a reclining zero-gravity chair and space for an upright chair to be place behind it. A quiet space with no music is ideal. Benefits of receiving an Access Bars® session still occur while chatting or watching screens.

Onsite, I book time in 4 hour blocks and can expect to offer 16 scheduled Access Bars® sessions to employees at 15 minutes each. I have an email sign up system, a check-in system and alternate starting with each employee between 2 chairs to allow for efficient transition between each session, i.e. one employee can take their time to sit up, stretch, and stand while the second employee has already settled into the other chair

To bring Access Bars® to your office, please email me at hello@zarahdarling.com or choose a time on my calendar to schedule a call.   

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