Rest In Respect

Rest In Respect

Today I see that our Queen of Soul has passed on to the next dimension. And for some reason an Alicia Keys lyric keeps playing in my head, instead of iconic Aretha prose. 


 Some people want diamond rings

Some just want everything

But everything means nothing

If I ain't got you      


We, in this dimension, don’t got you any more, Ms. Aretha Franklin.  


Here’s a reprint of a poem I wrote in early 2014 after seeing a documentary of the recording studio with a young Aretha pressing Respect.   


i love music 

 I love music.

I love how it rips at my soul.

I love how musicians bare their pain and make us feel.

I love how something so painful can end up a thing of beauty and make us feel connected with each other, with ourselves.

I love how collaborations can happen, one singular cause, bringing those at odds together.

I love music; I love how it saves our souls.


I love music.

I love how it rips my heart out and throws it on the floor.

I love how music then lifts it back up and holds it towards the heavens.

I love how music makes me feel closer to G'd.


 love music.

I love how it unites the beauty we see with the comforting touch we experience,

I love how music is a warm and encompassing hug for my ears.

Music is another way of communicating, another way of seeing, another way of experiencing.

Music saves my soul and brings me closer to humanity.

I feel it in my body, I feel it in my head.  I feel it behind my eyes.  I feel it in my gut.  I feel it in my heart. 

Music will heal our souls and save the human connection.

And though she’s passed on, those she’s influenced still create more and she lives on in them and their music.

Pottery Class Luck!

Pottery Class Luck!