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Struggling to overcome doubts, fears, and failures in business is just keeping you distracted from possibilities.

Don’t settle for less than greatness.


I’ve been where you’re at.

And I know you can achieve more when you’re allowed to be you!

Enhancing your uniqueness reveals your greatness.

Clients are saying…

WOW! I had a call with Zarah Darling yesterday. It was amazing. She playfully unpicked the threads of a web I had woven for myself and got tangled up in. What had I woven for myself? Feelings of hurt to keep me as a wallflower and making other people's judgments of me significant to invalidate what i know about my reality and capacities. Revelations, epiphanies and realizations! Its not called Thrive LIVE! for nothing! Totally grateful for Zarah! 

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Meet Zarah Darling, Claircognizant Business Strategist

I’m Zarah and once I acknowledged I'm not meant to fit into this reality, everything got a lot more clear, simple, and my life is now filled with EASE!  

I love THAT I get to create, WHAT I get to create, and HOW I get to create.  A huge part of my joy comes from perceiving what you require and articulating that and communicating with you in a way no one else has ever has.

Originally, I made things really difficult and challenging for myself by trying to fit in with the rules of this society in order to still accomplish what I desire. Want an example of that?

Well, I made myself super-sick to the point I couldn't be inside houses anymore.  This gave me "permission" in this reality to live in my van and travel across the county to ALLLL the campgrounds and live in nature.  

Eventually, I realized I could have just chosen to go live in my van in nature, period, but who does that? And now I don't have to be sick any more.

What's some weird thing you are creating as a challenge for yourself because you're trying to play by the rules OR you're just a teensy bit scared of your FULL POTENCY? 

What would you choose and what could you create if you knew the world would allow you to be ALL OF YOU?

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