What will you choose?


Zarah Darling, CFMW, Quantum Mindset Coach

Once I acknowledged I'm not meant to fit into this reality, everything got a lot more clear, simple, and my life is now filled with EASE!  

I love THAT I get to create, WHAT I get to create, and HOW I get to create.  A huge part of my joy comes from mentoring other weirdos so they know that what makes them an "outcast" in this reality is really their super power, their gift.  And the shift your gift will create in this world sure is needed! (And no one else can provide it but YOU!)

Originally, I made things really difficult and challenging for myself by trying to fit in with the rules of this society in order to still accomplish what I desire. Want an example of that?

Well, I made myself super-sick to the point I couldn't be inside houses anymore.  This gave me "permission" in this reality to live in my van and travel across the county to ALLLL the campgrounds and live in nature.  

Eventually, I realized I could have just chosen to go live in my van in nature, period, but who does that? And now I don't have to be sick any more.

What's some weird thing you are creating as a challenge for yourself because you're trying to play by the rules OR you're just a teensy bit scared of your FULL POTENCY? 

What would you choose and what could you create if you knew the world would allow you to be ALL OF YOU?

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