Choice creates magic.  What are you ready to choose?

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Hi, I'm Zarah

I act as a catalyst for my clients, connecting them with what they know and their awareness to choose their magic and change their reality.

Are you aware there is something more - in this life? On this planet? 

You suspect you know something... but those around you aren't seeking what YOU KNOW is possible.  Does that cause you to doubt yourself?  What if you are actually here to create a shift in what we all are aware of? What if you had a way to KNOW what you know, and never doubt yourself again? If you'd like to choose that, choose more, choose your magic, let's talk! Activate your magic and book a free intro session with me, I'd love to hear from you!

Ways to play with me!

Mentorship and Resources

Are you ready to choose for you, based on what you KNOW? Need help unlocking access to your magic? That's where I come in, because MY magic is to see where your potency is blocked and clear your path. How much ease would it create to have me on your team?

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Access Bars Sessions and Workshops

Have you ever wanted to experience a spa for your brain? Having your Bars run can do just that. I offer private session Bars sessions as well as 1-day classes.  Not sure what I'm talking about? Sign up for my newsletter and find out when I'm holding evening intro workshops. 

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What is that point where someone chooses? What happens directly before and directly after? I ask those questions and more on the CHOOSE/CREATE Podcast to understand just what creates change.  Would you like to listen in and know too? 

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What clients are saying:

WOW! I had a call with Zarah Darling yesterday. It was amazing. She playfully unpicked the threads of a web I had woven for myself and got tangled up in. What had I woven for myself? Feelings of hurt to keep me as a wallflower and making other people's judgments of me significant to invalidate what I know about my reality and capacities. Revelations, epiphanies and realizations! Totally grateful Zarah! 

— DC